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You Need to be Having Knowledge of Various Hospitals Undergoing Craniotomy

There are a lot of reasons why a craniotomy surgery may be required, some of them are brain cancers, brain infection, some abscesses within the brain tissue, bleeding or hemorrhage within the skull and cerebral edema.

Brain is a very sensitive part of our body. Excess pressure, hemorrhage or infection may lead to damage of neurons or brain cells which are irreplaceable. Excess pressure on the skull due to brain is so harmful that it may even lead to death.

In craniotomy first your head is shaved completely, so that it prevents hair falling here and there and into the brain. A general unaesthetic is used. Now your head is positioned on a headrest which may be shoe shaped or round.  This is done to find and position where the brain injury is thought to lie is easily accessible according to the surgeon’s comfort. Head pin fixing device is a device which is used to fix your head so that it doesn’t move during the detailed surgery. A perforator is used to drill holes on the head, which is then used to create a bony flap which is removal. Then the flap is used to remove to see a proper view of the brain. The brain injury is treated and removed, if infection. Then after the operative procedure, the flap is placed back, stiches done and also a drain is placed to remove the excess blood.

Craniotomy takes about two to two and half hours to complete. It is a very complex surgical procedure as it can result in damages to the minor arteries and also neurons which are irreplaceable.

After the surgical procedure, you need to be in complete care. You need to be admitted for one week or so depending on the healing you show. The haling process depends on your immune system and also on the factors like the type of surgery, the type of accident or cause for surgery.  On the day of surgery and the day after that you will be given saline, catheter tubes. Then you will be assigned total bedrest for the next week. The bandages will be changed by the healthcare professionals regularly and the place will be kept clean and hygienic. The sutures will be removed after a week and till then you wouldn’t be allowed to wash your scalp. This will prevent the infections to happen. You may have headaches or pain for about two weeks. Your doctor should provide you medicines to take care of that. There may be some complications like, infection of flap, damage to facial muscles, seizure, etc.

You need to be having knowledge of various hospitals undergoing craniotomy to find the best craniotomy in India. As this is quite a serious operation, and some regular checkups, tests and follow ups must be administered. You should find a place which is accessible and near to your residence in you want to save the time of travel and sort. Now finding a place with the large number of successful craniotomy is also required.


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