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World-Class Facilities Provided in the Deccan Odyssey Train

World-Class Facilities Provided in the Deccan Odyssey Train

Opulence, finesse, perfection -these terms come in a concatenated manner when talking of the Deccan Odyssey.
The train is the second to be launched in India and is often compared with the Venice Simplon Orient Express and the Blue Train of South Africa due to its note-correct services and exquisite decor.

The list comprises of regal class cabins, multi- cuisine restaurants, Sitting lounge, hi-tech conference car and an invigorating world class health Spa.

So, lets explore the facilities that make the Deccan Odyssey train an ostentatious, extravagant, epicurean vehicle.

Coaches and cabins of Deccan Odyssey

The cabins on board are available in three categories. Deluxe cabins with queen side bed, Deluxe cabins with Twin bed and Presidential Suites.There are 12 Superlative Luxury coaches out of which 10 are guest cabins and 2 Presidential Suites. Each coach has four cabins.

The coaches are spacious, elegant and seamlessly crafted to present the guests utmost comfort. Each cabin comes with a wardrobe , electronic safe, attached toilet with running hot and cold water, music channel, intercom, shower, wall to wall carpeting etc. The electric supply range from 240 to 110 volts.

The coaches are named after the erstwhile reigns of Deccan India.

Restaurant of Deccan Odyssey

There are Two gourmet restaurants named peshwa l and Peshwa ll. They are specially designed to keep the royal element of India intact. Special attention is given to the food by preparing the local delicacies of the region through which the train passes. Each meal also has an International menu to choose from. Therefore you can explore the locations through your visionary, auditory as well as with your olfactory senses.

Bar and Lounge of Deccan Odyssey

A well -stocked bar with the best varieties of Indian and International wine named Mumbai Hi is there to see to your evening needs. You can enjoy yourself over an evening drink and snacks and socialise with the fellow passengers.
Or you can just idle away your time all by yourself in the lounge. Want to explore the bar and lounge of luxury train then book the Deccan Odyssey train.

Conference Room of Deccan Odyssey

With a seating capacity of 30 guests , the conference Room is fully equipped with modern facilities to meet your business needs on the go.


After a full day exploration you can rejuvenate your body and mind with the special ayurvedic massages in the spa.
Embark on the Midas Touch and go for a lifetime experience.

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