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Why Outsourcing to a BPO Company is not a Quality/Cost Tradeoff?

Why Outsourcing to a BPO Company is not a Quality/Cost Tradeoff?

Outsourcing is generally connected with cost-effectiveness and not with quality. Business owners who are thinking to outsource their operations think that they would be saving money by compromising on the quality factor. This is absolutely false! Outsourcing not only helps you save a considerable amount of money but also aids you in enhancing a quality service to your customers.

Truth is that a reputed BPO company offers an effective way to expand your team without putting a load on your pocket. Along with this, outsourcing does improve your business’s efficiency. How? Well, in this blog we are going to cover all the points that are going to prove that outsourcing is merely not a tradeoff between cost and quality. Let’s start:

Why is outsourcing not compromising with quality?

Delegating your business operations to a third-party company is a way you can acquire maximum client satisfaction along with cost-effectiveness. This process of outsourcing brings more clarity to your business objective and is surely not a way to just save money. Companies that have accomplished a name in the market believes outsourcing is not a safe way when you want to be affordable but is a process to enhance your quality level. There are several factors that prove outsourcing is not about ignoring quality by focusing on cost.

        i. Rigorous training

Call centers around the world have scheduled training every two weeks just to polish the skills of agents. These agents are trained and made well versed with the technological advancements so that during the time of providing service to the customers they do not leave any stone unturned. So, you do not have to invest anything in training of experts but you are also not compromising on the level of service that is going to be offered to the customers. A small training session to the experts about your product and service can be enough for them to get in the flow.

      ii. Managers are involved

Most of the people think that all the calling agents are working on their own which is not correct. A BPO company ensures to allocate managers to handle a workforce of calling agents who keep a strict watch on the whole performance grid. These managers prepare weekly and monthly performance reports and have set parameters to match the expectation from their clients. In most of the cases, managers are the primary contact point between you and the BPO. So, the calling experts are working under the proficient supervision of experienced managers who assess each step closely so as to provide an apex service level.

    iii. One agent = one account

There has been a presumption that BPO’s generally overload their agents with so many projects that they cannot put their best work on a single project. This is another myth. Most of the renowned BPO firms have agents working on a single project to achieve maximum results. Since a single agent is assigned to one project, he/she becomes an expert in that particular account serving and hence offers an impeccable level of service to customers. Another benefit of designating individual agents to a single project is that sometimes they unload the burden of other tasks from business owners when the call volumes are comparatively low.

    iv. Assessment then recruitment

When you think of outsourcing do not think that merely partnering up a BPO company is enough. You can actually take interview of calling experts that are going to work on your project to test their eligibility and expertise in the specific domain. By this way, you can crosscheck the background and skillset of the agents and match them with your business requirements. This process of scrutinizing your team before letting it work on your customers ensures a high service level.

Final takeaway

So, hiring a call center never ignores the quality aspect and it is not a tradeoff with cost. A BPO ensures to provide cost-effectiveness with the superior quality of service to your customers. Hopefully, you got the gist of the blog and will look up to outsourcing with a different mindset now.



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