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Tips for Samsung Tablet Repair

Samsung tablet problems such as it would not turn off, turn on, hang/unresponsive, earpiece does not work, charging jack, ear phone jack, software corruption, etc. have become very common. These problems have become so common that everyone should be aware about it, for the reason if somebody faces any kind of these problems, he/she can handle it to an extent. These problems occur randomly and the users remain unaware about it and consider that the problem occurred due to the only reason named virus, but they forget that the problems may occur due to some other reasons also like it could be software problem, hardware problem, rough usage and improper up keep of the device.These problems can be classified mainly into two categories:

  1. Software problems
  2. Hardware problems

Software problems are those which occur due to some error in the software on database on which the whole system of the tablet works. In this problem, the tablet may misbehave while using it likeit will not perform the action which we command it or the apps remain frozen while we are using it. It may occur due to many reasons like installing the unverified applications, or large cache collected in the ram. Sometimes installation of unverified apps will totally damage the software of the tablet and make it useless. There is no proper method to solve these problems totally, but one can perform the following actions to prevent the software problems:

  1. One should always install verified applications only.
  2. Clear cache after using the apps.
  3. Do not perform web surfing on the sites having untrusted certificates.

At the end, we can say that we cannot solve the software problems by ourselves completely, but we can avoid them by following the above given points.

Hardware problems are those which occur due to some error in the hardware like that tablet does not start, frozen screen/hanging issue, earpiece does not work, the charging jack does not work, the earphone jack does not work, etc. The main reason behind the hardware problem is the improper keep and usage. Therefore, one should always use properly their device to benefit for a long term.

Some hardware problems and their temporary solutions are given below.

When Samsung tablet does not turn on?

This kind of problem usually occurs in the tablets which are used for a long time. The main reasons behind this problem are

  1. Fault in the on/off switch.
  2. Improper fitting of battery.
  3. Battery does not work.


Firstly, one should have to check that the battery is properly fitted or not. Then one should check that the battery is charged or not. If the battery is properly fitted and it is fully charged, then there is a fault in the on/off switch. Now you should go to any certified Samsung tablet repair shop for the replacement of the affected part.

When Samsung tablet earphone jack does not work?

The earphone jack of tablet is said not to be in working condition when you had inserted the input plug of earphone into the earphone jack, and it does not produce any sound in the ear pieces whether the music is played on the full volume.

It can be due to many reasons some of them are given below:

  1. The input plug of your earphone is not properly inserted in the earphone jack.
  2. The wire of earphone is broken somewhere from the inside.
  3. jack of tablet is not compatible with that ear which is used by yourself at that time.
  4. The main reason is that the earphone jack of tablet has some technical issue like it has been damaged.
  5. Sometimes dust particles are deposited in the earphone jack due to long term use.


The commonly used methods to come out from this problem are that keepĀ  earphone jack cleaned, and use a good quality of products which could not harm your device in any way.

When Samsung tablet does not get charged?

This type of problem in the tablets usually occurs after a long duration of usage. This type of problem is observed when you had inserted charging cable into the charging jack and the battery is not getting charged.

This type of problem can be due to some following reasons:

  1. Your charger is not working properly.
  2. The charging cable is broken from somewhere in the wire.
  3. The charging jack has some technical issue.


If you are facing this kind of problem, you can do the following actions.

  1. Replace your old charger with the new one.
  2. Replace your charging cable with the new one.

If your tablet is still not getting charged, then you should go to the reputed repair shop.

These were some common problems and their solutions using which you can do the Samsung tablet repair yourself at the home. But if you are still not getting rid of any problem,then you should contact to a certified Samsung repair centre.


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