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Successful Entrepreneurs Have a Good Story to Tell

Successful Entrepreneurs Have a Good Story to Tell

“Either you run the day or the day runs you”-famously quoted by Jim Rohn. There are zillions of success stories of the top tycoons flourishing in all the fields. Starting the business from scratch is an easy job. It needs a lot of hard work and perseverance. When we look at their gleaming lifestyle, we overlook at the hard work they’ve put to achieve what they’re today. These are the real entrepreneurs with their real stories starting a real business and serving the actual customers. The only way known to get started by learning a marketable skill and getting to work, that’s where the ideas, opportunities, partners, and finances always seem to come from. Sure, it also takes an enormous amount of hard work, but that comes with the territory.

When someone is well established in the work he’s doing but aspires to become more prominent in the job he’s doing, there comes the mind of a successful entrepreneur. The recent example of the CEO of STX entertainment Robert Simondswho started the studio is 2014 and successfully made the valuation of the company to $3.5 billion today. He was a film producer having an experience of filming more than over 30 Hollywood films. The Studio company is trying to bridge US and China and have had many investors putting up money in the budding company. It became the first US studio to have its TV series launched on China TV channel. When CEO/Chairperson Robert Simonds talks about the story behind STX entertainment, he says the company was a like a baby to him. Whatever he had to do he had to do cautiously making the baby grow there were no trial and error methods, and there were full fletched chalked out methods that made the company bloom so fast in such a less of a time.

The prominent entrepreneurs always have a heart-wrenching success story to tell, to add up to the list another success story is of The Pierre Omidyar way. In 1995, a computer programmer started auctioning off stuff on his website. AuctionWeb, as it was then known, was just a personal project, but, when the amount of web traffic made it necessary to upgrade to a business Internet account, Omidyar had to start charging people fees. He hired his first employee to handle all the payment checks. The site is now known as eBay.

So what we learn from this? There is no direct magic shortcut to achieving success. There is need of utmost dedication and passion and most important belief that one day you will succeed in what you’re doing. Without that achieving, anything is just as hypothetical as having pigs flying. So much and look straight at your goal and do everything to achieve it. That’s the mantra of a successful entrepreneur.



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