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Franking Machine Rental

Smart Franking Machine Rental Is Good Business Sense

Smart franking machine rental should be a priority on your 2018 to-do list.

If you have an older model franking machine or are still using stamps switching to smart technology enabled franking machines with sophisticated tools, cutting edge technology and lower fees is a key efficiency and cost effectiveness improvement measure.

Many clients prefer franking machine rental so that they can budget effectively and there isn’t a large initial purchase fee.

Smart franking machine rental is for all business sizes

Whether you are a sole trader, run an SME or work in a company with a sizeable mailroom, the extensive Royal Mail developments for franking customers, the VAT reclaim incentive and Royal Mail’s Mailmark scheme mean that smart franking machine rental clients should see positive results in time and monetary terms, even sending just 5-10 items per day.

What is Mailmark?

Please talk to a highly regarded Royal Mail partner like IMS Franking about your needs and ask for a Mailmark eligible machine for maximum operational and expense benefits. A smart franking machine has a readable 2D barcode rather than the crown and die image of the older models franking.

Mailmark guarantees the lowest available pricing tariff with optimum levels of technology, visibility, dashboard management and reporting.  The franking machines are also ready to accept new Royal Mail developments.

How is this different from an older model franking machine?

Older franking machines cost less than stamps but more than Mailmark franking and do not offer the visibility tools or reporting functions of their successors. They don’t have the capacity to take on new innovations.

Cost illustration:

  • 1st class small envelope stamp: 65p
  • Standard franking 1st class: 57p
  • Mailmark franking 1st class: 55p

  1. Every item of mail below 25kg can be handled on the business premises across the range of Royal Mail services including sign on delivery and timed delivery. A professional image greets the recipient.
  2. Free unique marketing messages via franking labels is a key attribute.
  3. You can tear stamps and over stamp because you don’t have the right combination to make the fee, there is no waste with smart franking machines, just 100% accuracy.

Franking machine rental at £20-£25 per month with consumables purchases and credit top ups via an online management system should still produce a cost saving compared stamps.

The Sendpro 1000 smart franking machine for medium-high volumes:

  • Processes up to 180 items per minute.
  • 15” Colour touchscreen operation.
  • Mailmark compliant smart franking machine.
  • 7kg weighing platform, 35kg optional.
  • 1200 dpi colour printing, excellent for marketing via franking.
  • 1000 cost centres, 3000 optional.
  • Online account management.

Business Mail

High volume users may also be eligible for Business Mail, another Royal Mail initiative.

This is a licence holder reward for clients who are proactive about checking the clarity and accuracy of addresses and ensuring that items should pass through the mail network without any issues. Up to 20% discount, the higher the level of accuracy shown, the greater the reward received.

Make significant operational and cost improvements in your mailroom this year.


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