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Seagrass Mats To Give Your Home A Extravagant Look Naturally

Seagrass as its name already says is a gift from the sea, and this is the reason products especially mats or flooring either for home or office made up with it becomes one of the most preferred natural selections. In addition to this, Seagrass Mats are healthy and environmentally friendly flooring that can definitely be a great endowment for both your home and your loved ones. It is made by weaving a yarn spun from the dried leaves of the seagrass plant, grown in many shallow coastal on the banks of Vietnamese rivers. It is not a grass in fact but the leaves are long, flat and blade-like so the name has stuck.

Owing to features like fast-growing, plentiful and easy to harvest, it can be taken as the most sustainable, earth-friendly flooring substance on the planet. This is not wrong to say, seagrass is as textural and tropical as it gets. It is possibly one of the best known natural matting for your home that is elegant even without designs due to its impeccable shade fleck. Near the beginning of 20th century it was a popular material for insulating houses as the dried blades have air holes embedded within them. And it makes seagrass a good barrier against sound and helps to keep heat in. Seagrass mats are unique with its rustic and royal look. The antique look of the mat is the most attracting part.

One of the best thing regarding the Seagrass Mats, it is an entirely natural flooring option, grown and produced also in a natural way as well as made-up with elegant designs and becomes a  highly demanded beauty enhancing furnishing in the markets. In fact, it proves to be smooth and shiny flooring and hence can be utilized in a number of places you seek for in your home as per need and choice.

Although, Seagrass Mats are all 100% natural and environmentally friendly and consequently absolutely safe for you and your family yet there is one thing in association such mating that also must be considered is, due to its shiny and at times slippery surface it is best to be avoided over stairways for safety reasons. Except this deficiency there is a range of features that made Seagrass one of the best flooring for your home. Let’s have a look:

  • As compared to other natural fibers, Seagrass is cheaper yet versatile.
  • Though, it is not cozy for your feet yet is best to reduce noise and scratches on your tile flooring.
  • It comes in subtle and enticing natural shades that perfectly co-ordinate with your décor
  • Resistant to stains and spills, and in fact is easy to clean.
  • It stands up well under heavy use, and this feature make Seagrass mats preferred for hallways, living rooms, or high-traffic areas anywhere either in your home or office.

Floor Space is amongst the most reputed names in the industry, offering Seagrass Mats at an affordable cost. They also give you their option called “create your own rug” that enable you to bring into your home a furnishing which is perfectly suited to your rooms.

So just stop thinking more, if you also seeking to give your home a commendable look with environmental friendly textured flooring. Come to Floor Space and furnish your home with remarkable looks now!


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