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Reasons Why You Should Invest in Solar Rooftop Calculator

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Solar Rooftop Calculator

To whomsoever is reading this blog, this is my request to you to open your minds and pay attention to what we are saying. It’s high time we realize that we need to take some serious steps towards the environmental issues.

Just have a look at the weather report and compare the charts with the ones from a decade ago; you’ll see the difference. Deserts are having snowfalls and temperature is reaching to as high as 129-degree Fahrenheit; there’s something wrong with the world. Want to know what’s wrong? It’s us, humans. We have made several species disappear and extinct from our planet and disturbed nature’s life cycle.

No one can see West African Black Rhinoceros roaming in the dense jungles or passenger pigeons in the sky because of our faults and needs. And, it’s not just the flora and fauna that we have destroyed. We have exploited almost all the resources present in the world to the extent that they are on the verge of extinction.

And, this is the reason why we should move towards a more sustainable and renewable source of energy. Especially, with the help of several initiatives taken by the government of India and numerous NGOs, it’s now easy and affordable to use.

Solar energy is one of the most easily accessible forms of renewable source of energy that can be used by individuals for their homes, apartments, or by MNCs and SMEs for their offices. Here are some of the reasons why one must invest in solar energy.

Solar is economic

: It may seem like that solar energy is not affordable and middle-class people can’t get their hands on this technology. But, that’s not true. The government of India and many NGOs with their continuous efforts to make solar energy affordable has launched various projects that can help people to avail subsidy on solar power.

With subsidiary, the overall cost of installing a solar panel is now reduced to a great extent. Maintenance cost of the solar panels is way too less than the electricity bill you receive every month. So, if the cost was one of the reasons that were stopping you from getting solar panels installed, then you can relax.

No power cuts

: If you think that solar energy is inconsistent and you won’t be able to get enough power for your place on the rainy days then you’re mistaken. Solar panels don’t work like that. There is a system called net metering, which now helps to maintain a constant power supply but also keeps a check on the electricity bill.

The panels installed on the roof generate a certain amount of solar energy which is used to power the place in which these panels are installed. Now, let’s assume that on a certain bright sunny day panel produce some extra electricity from what is required for the place. This extra electricity gets stored in a grid which is connected to the panels.

There is a meter that’s installed on the grid, which measures the number of units that are sent to the grid from your panels. Now, when there are days when panels are not able to produce enough power, then you’ll get the remaining electrify from the grid.

Again, the meter installed will measure the number of units that your panel takes from the grid. This is how the process works, and at the end of the month when the bill arrives it has all the number adjusted.

Bill = Number of units sent to the grid – a number of units consumed from the grid.

If you still wish to know more about the process and how this work you can probably have a look at the website of Mysun. Mysun is one of the leading solar power providers that have innovative solutions for its clients.

They have a solar calculator on their website where all you have to do is put certain details, and you’ll get the estimated cost of getting the solar panels installed at your desired place. Apart from this solar calculator, Mysun has enough content to educate people and provide end-to-end solar rooftop solutions to consumers


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