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Proof Your Child’s Future with These Time-Tested Tips

Proof Your Child’s Future with These Time-Tested Tips

As a parent, you have the most significant impact on your children’s future. A recent study found out that as much as 78% of high school students stated that their parents were their most important source their career choices.

Ask yourself, are you truly giving your children the guidance they seek and the advice they need. So many of today’s youth have been led amiss by the lack of basic preparations that make a successful adult. Experts also found out that poor academic performance is majorly connected to the poor parental support, poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, obesity, and the overall experience of the child at home.

Thankfully, you can do something about this. Studies also found out that having healthy habits, regular routines, and good communication will allow a child to evolve from a learner into a successful adult later in life.

Let’s sift through a couple of parent-tested techniques that you can use right now to maximise your child’s success in school.

Communication is key. Your goal is to be a constant support and inspiration for your child. Let him or her express his say about the things happening at school and with his education. You must create an open-air atmosphere where the child feels safe expressing his opinions. Make an effort to recognize your child’s comments/opinions no matter how silly, outrageous, or foolhardy. Learners understood better when they are encouraged to share their sides.

Start love of reading at home. Reading is a form of learning that most of us thrived in. It’s how we as humans passed our knowledge from generations to generations. The wisdom and practical skills from books greatly benefit anyone who’s willing to read what treasure lies inside. Kids who develop a love of reading early on will naturally develop a love for learning – curiosity is a fantastic thing.

On the other hand, those who struggle with reading can also struggle with learning. Reading allows one to develop a rich vocabulary and flair for solving life’s problems. It helps the brain learn concept and processes, communication, and the ever-important art of socializing.

Expose your child to the real world. Not to say that you should leave your child alone. This means allowing your child, with your guidance to go through the learning process. Let them have control over their learning experience. For example, when choosing a report to present, let the child choose his topic.

You should also allow your children to pick an extracurricular activity that interests them. Give the child better freedom by learning his or her learning style – visual, auditory, physical, verbal, logical solitary or social.

Choose the best education for your child. As one of the best gift you can give your child, education is the best weapon any child can wield to win in life, so choose the best one available at your state – somewhere you can commit your child worry-free.  Singapore international school like Global Indian International School (GIIS) provides high-quality in-house teaching that utilizes world-renowned teaching style. Their programs help young children reach their fullest potential in emotional, social and intellectual fronts.

GIIS offers students and parents the best environment for learning and continuing guidance. GIIS uses advanced methods to guide students through a broad yet encouraging and age-appropriate curriculum based on five pillars of development, which is comprised of practical life, sensorial activities, language, mathematics, and cultural activities.

There you have it! When it comes to future-proofing your child’s future, nothing beats early preparation. You’re doing a good job just being here. Best of luck!


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