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Popular Long Haircuts to Style Hair Beautifully

Want to give a new look to long hair? Looking for a layered haircut that looks great on the hair texture? Here are some of the top, modern and gorgeous hairstyles that are sure to enhance beauty and elegance. Over the past few years, long haircuts have been the most demanding and requested cuts that are responsible to divide weight equally while layers encourage movement without creating a straggly and over-layered look at the ends. The best thing about long haircuts is that they can suit any face shape, according to their styles. Even, layers can help thin hair to look fuller and voluminous than before.

  1. Natural and Effortless Layers

As the name suggests, this haircut is quite easy and effortless to maintain. With some long layers, it is capable of giving a sleek and elegant appearance that is sure to steal hearts! With a mix of different color tones, it gives a more natural and flawless touch.

  1. Dimensional Blonde Layers

With a unique blending technique, it is one of those long haircuts that have got more popularity with the passage of time. With a perfect mixture of natural hair color, lowlight around the face and beautiful golden blonde highlights, it contrasts as well as matches the skin tone. In other words, it is sure to give that girly and young look.

  1. Blown out layers

When it comes to having long layers with a round brush blowout, no long haircut would look as beautiful as these blow-out layers. Its blowout is responsible to make all the layers visible that also add bounce and movement to the hair. It looks perfect on thick hair with natural body. According to the hair stylists, this haircut couldn’t be a good option for someone who has thin, straight or fine hair.

  1. Sexy Beach Waves

Be the star of the evening with these sexy yet effortless beach waves! Regardless of the outfit, this long haircut promises to bring that inner diva out at the right time. The best of all, it can complement any hair thickness or face shape. The only thing to remember is its length that should always be below the shoulders.

  1. Dimensional V-Cut

For women, who want to give dimensions to their hair, this dimensional V-cut could be the best option. With long and face framing layers, it gives a defined look at the back, by creating the V-cut. Since it doesn’t demand much care and efforts, women can easily enjoy its movement and dimension.

  1. Layered Sombre

With the natural to blonde touch, this long haircut allows women not to worry about their natural growing hair as it blends them well with balayage to look seamless and gorgeous. It can be worn for a couple of months, without being concerned about decreasing beauty because the rooted sombre are always there to maintain the look.

  1. Voluminous Layers

In order to have a trendy and sophisticated look, this is one of the best long haircuts that hold a lot of length with beautiful layers to add more movement and volume. There are also some short face-framing additions that highlight the romantic look when tied up.


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