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Pastor Chris Transforms Lives At The International Easter Youth Camp

Pastor Chris Transforms Lives At The International Easter Youth Camp

Children all over the world are inquisitive, and have a zest for learning. They dream big, and hope to one day have their dreams come true. No matter the race, creed, color, or national origin, children have the same natural quest to learn as much as possible about themselves, and everything around them.As future leaders of the world, children need to be taught how to live, and be successful according to the Word of god. It is important that they know that the laws of man do not always coincide with what is learned from the Bible.

The first teachings of the Bible usually happens when a child is very young. This gives them a good, solid foundation on which to build a relationship with God. there are many children who do not have this advantage, and the Word of God is not available to them. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been working with children for years, telling them of the many miracles of God, and how He wants them to live better, happier lives. He wants to instill in them the true meaning of the message of the Cross. Pastor Chris will host the annual International Easter Youth Camp in Johannesburg, South Africa from March 29 through April 5, 2018.

This spirit filled event is opened to youth ages 13 to 21, and is an eight day event for children from all around the world. The camp will be full of activities that will allow young people, as well as the older people in attendance, to become engaged in fun and spiritual learning tasks. They can follow the pursuit of their long term dream as it comes to fruition as they realize their God given talents. The International Easter Youth Camp is totally based on the teaching of the Bible, and will give the youth information about the presence of God. The Easter Youth Camp is specially designed and packaged to allow the youth to satisfy their hunger within their spirit to reach their God given destiny.

Pastor Chris has a myriad of experiences helping people from many nations to reach their spiritual goals. He has established many different ministries dedicated to the healthy spiritual growth of all people. He is an anointed television and radio broadcaster who is heard in over thirty countries internationally. He is the author of many books that have been read by millions, and he has a daily devotional that is distributed in thirty different languages. His Embassy is headquartered in South Africa, and so is the school for the children there.

The International Easter Youth Camp is just one of the many events established and hosted by Pastor ChrisOyakhilome. He has devoted his life to his ministry, and to helping others reach their spiritual potential. He is a dynamic preacher who spreads the Word of God in as many venues as possible. The Easter Youth Camp will enlighten, excite, educate, and lift the spirit of all the young attendees. They will marvel at the revelations that will be revealed to them. They will be amazed at the life changing messages from God. The youth will be from many different countries, but will unite as one as they discover the awesome powers of God.

While in attendance at the Youth Camp, each young person will have the opportunity to meet with the renowned man of God, Pastor Chris. They will come away from the camp rejuvenated, and renewed in their spirits. They will have a better understanding of the transformation that the Word brings to each one. They will see themselves differently as they strive to live their lives by the Word of God.


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