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Mobile Apps Are Perhaps the Best Thing That Has Come Up in the Last Few Decades.

By the year 2020, the forecasted revenue that mobile apps would generate via in-app ads and app stores is 189 billion USD. But what makes mobile apps so popular so that they generate so much revenue? One of the most important factors defining the success of apps is the look and feel of the app.

An app which looks and feels awesome is one which has an efficient UI and UX design. Most apps which look and feel great have a creative UI/UX design team which designs the app in such a way that they look good and are fun to use. Without taking the UI/UX design into consideration, the mobile apps would fail to get the attention of users.

Having a good UI/UX has a lot of benefits. While a good looking app attracts users and makes the app more likeable, the users really appreciate it when they can navigate through your app quickly and easily. Hence UX is as important for a successful app as UI is.

Here are two of the most underrated tips that your UI/UX designers must be aware about to ensure that your app is a total success in the app marketplaces:

Encourage your Designers to Draw and Sketch (UI Tip)

UI designers are a perfect blend of techies and visual artists. Most designers prefer conceptualizing and making digital designs on their desktops/laptops. While this isn’t necessarily something bad, drawing and sketching would be pretty beneficial for your UI designers.

Concepts such as perspective, depth, positive space, negative space, framing and layout are things one would have to keep in mind when they’re drawing or sketching on a piece of paper. These are things that art classes mostly focus on and each of these concepts add to the skills of your UI designers.

Hence you must encourage your UI designers to regularly draw and sketch on paper. To promote these skills, you can even enroll your designers into art classes where they can hone their skills in drawing and sketching and can learn and master the concepts mentioned above.

Ensure your Designers use your App (UX Tip)

Your UX designers need to ensure that the design of the app provides the users with a smooth experience. An app which makes the users get frustrated in the first few seconds is not really an app that can ever be successful. Hence you would need to ensure that your users love using your app for your app to be successful.

The best way to ensure that the users would love using your app is to make sure that your UX designers use the app themselves first. When they use the app , they would understand whether things are implemented the way you wanted them to. Moreover they would know how the users would feel when they use your app. This insight would help them in improving your app in the right spots.

Hence always ensure that your designers use your app after the first iteration.

While both of these tips would help your designers get better and deliver better designs, nothing beats the work of experts. Hence we recommend you to get your app developed by BrainMobi, a leading mobile app development company in India with 60+ mobility experts. Our UI/UX design team is one of the best in the industry. The apps we develop are rich in aesthetics and are minimalistic; so you can rest assured, you app is in safe hands. Send us your requirements at [email protected] for a free quote on your idea!


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