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Minimize the Harmful Effect of Air Pollution with Nasal Air Filters

Pollution a major issue which has let many countries to set up special conferences to deal with the situation. Due to heavy industrialization and use of automobiles, there has been a large increase in the air pollution. The decreasing quality of air has led to several health threats among the people. People from all over the world are suffering from different types of respiratory diseases like difficulty in breathing, asthma, allergies, etc. The exhaust released from different types of industries like mining industries, oil refineries, electronic industries contain different types of fine chemicals, which have been found to be allergic to the human body. When inhaled, these chemicals get accumulated in the body and make us ill. They get accumulated in the soft tissues of our body and causes different types of disease in our body. Oxides of nitrogen and sulfur are also emitted from these industries. These gases are very toxic and causes different types of respiratory diseases in our body.

We must take appropriate actions to protect our body from such types of diseases and deal with the situation in an efficient manner. Nasal air filters have proven to be very important in filtering these harmful substances and have enabled us to inhale fresh and pure air in this polluted environment.These filters are scientifically designed to filter different types of harmful substances present in the air and let you inhale fresh and pure air. These filters contain different layers of filters which have their own role in the filtration of different types of particulate matters and makes the air free from all types of particulate matters. It is advisable to fit these filters in your nose before heading out of the home, to keep yourself away from different types of respiratory diseases. These filters are easy to use and are very small in size. You can put them in your pockets or purse or carry them anywhere you want. Different people have different sizes of their nose and hence need filters of different size. You can choose filters that suits you better. A traditional face masks for air pollution were very large and covers entire face when in use. They do not have any mechanism to prevent air that passes from the sides of the mask. This reduces the efficiency of the mask and were not supposed to good for air filtration. But nasal filters do not have such types  of problems. They are designed to fit well into the nasal cavity of your nostrils. They left no space to allow polluted air to pass into your body without filtration. They are helping many people to get fresh air in this polluted environment. They have become very popular among people because of their high  filteration capacity.

Summary:-  Respiratory diseases are very common, air is polluted to a  large extent and wee do not find fresh air to breadth. Polluted air emitted from different industries and automobiles contain different types of poisonous gases which cause different types of diseases in our body. But by using nose filters for dust we can keep our self healthy and strong.


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