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Make your Android Smartphone Experience Easier using these Tips

Android phones have gained traction with the device makers because it is open sourced and free. By open source we mean that anyone in the world can see and use the code. Companies, universities or individuals can take up this code and then build entire projects and give away the code to anyone who wants to use it. Even though an Android smartphone comes intact with in-built features but still there is always scope to add one’s own inputs to make the experience better and easier. No matter how good your smartphone is, these tips will enhance its performance. Don’t believe it? Then try it and you will experience the difference.

  1. Secure your Phone Screen

Android phones provide a variety of ways in which you can secure your lock screen. The default setup is either PIN, pattern or password. Other safe and secure options included in your smartphone are fingerprint sensor and even face unlock feature in some affordable phone brands like Panasonic India. Configuring a secure lock screen really makes the experience of using a smartphone easier.

  1. Disable Pre-installed Apps

We all have downloaded Apps in our collection that we don’t use anymore which can be deleted easily. But there are some other unused Apps as well which can’t be deleted and those are your pre-installed apps. Since these Apps are a part of the system image, hence they are non-removable. So instead of removing, what you can do is disable them by opening the app menu from the main system settings. Just where you see the name of the App, you will see the button of “Disable” on the top which will remove the app from the app drawer and prevent it from running in the background.

  1. Find My Phone

We all have been there where we can’t figure out where our smartphone is. One of the ways to figure out where the phone is by ringing it. Most of the times you find it under your cushions or inside your bag. The next time you are looking for your phone just use Google’s “Find my Phone” tool. All you have to do is login to your Google account and choose your missing phone from the menu. Google reaches out and shows you where your phone is. Can’t believe this, right?

  1. Enable Smart Lock

While inputting your password every time is important to keep your data safe, you can also simplify this step further by enabling smart actions. You can find this feature inside the security menu on most of the devices. Using simple gestures like opening the camera using the sign “0” or flipping the phone to mute a call are one of the few actions you can use on your smartphone to make your life easier. To begin with, you can find these features in budgeted phone brands like Moto and Panasonic Smart Phones.

  1. Backup your Pictures Automatically

We all love our pictures and the mere thought of losing them gives us nightmares! And so using the Google Photos app to automatically create a backup of your pictures is the best way to go. You get 15GB free and you can buy more if you like and the picture quality is high by default.

  1. Google Assistant

Long press the home button to activate the Google Assistant and start talking. Assistant will understand your language easily and give you the required answers. Amazing in home automation and searching the web, Google Assistant can also read you the news of the day.

  1. Split-screen Apps

For a phone that runs on Android 7.0 or higher, you can multitask two Apps with the split-screen mode. All you need to do is long-press the overview button and the App will reduce to half its size and in the remaining space you can add another App from the recent list. You can change the amount of screen size by dragging the divider in between both the Apps. Manage two tasks at ease with this feature of your Android phone.

Although an Android Smartphone is self-sufficient in itself and they run pretty smoothly on their own but applying these tips on your phone will definitely make your experience better.



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