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Lawyers For Bounced Cheque in Bangalore

Lawyers For Bounced Cheque in Bangalore

Cheque bounce is not a criminal offence but can lead to criminal. It comes under Section 138 Negotiable Instruments Act. In case of cheque bounce, you would need a banking lawyer India (cheque bounce lawyer India) to serve the legal notice to the defaulter. we can arrange the top Lawyers For Bounced Cheque in Bangalore, who can handle banking, cheque bounce related matter and avail benefits of all labour law provisions without any hassle.

Bouncing of cheque issued by the opposite party entitles you to set in motion legal proceedings for the prosecution of defaulter and also for recovery of the amount due to you, you just need to reach out to us and the rest shall be taken care of by our Lawyers For Bounced Cheque in Bangalore. The matter will be primarily analyzed by the in-house legal team to determine the legal and after that the Process of cheque bounce case will be followed which is :

  1. A notice will be sent to the defaulter within 30 days from the date of memo accompanying the bounced cheque received from the Bank.
  2. The amount for which the cheque has been bounced will be claimed in that notice, providing 15 days to settle the matter.
  3. The opposite party will have 15 days from the receipt of the notice to settle the matter and no cause of action will be taken till the expiry of these 15 days or if paid within this specified period.
  4. After the completion of said 15 days, if the defaulter does not settle the matter or ignores the notice, then our Lawyers For Bounced Cheque will help you to file a criminal complaint before the appropriate court within 30 days of the expiry of said 15 days.

This is our speciality that we will assist you with the closest available Lawyer who is an expert in respect of resolving the particular issue. all our lawyers are highly qualified and having experience of 3 to 50 years in their respective fields like divorce, criminal, matrimonial, cheque bounce, CBI, ndps, marriage registration lawyers, etc. If you have a Cheque issued by a debtor or client or any third party  that has been dishonoured, or someone has issued a cheque bounce notice against you, or you have received court summons for a 138 NI (Negotiable Instruments Act) complaint against you, You need to simply give your legitimate archives and we will process the rest for you and all at an exceptionally supposed charge

Our lawyers For Bounced Cheque in Bangalore appears regularly before tribunals and various courts and has a wide experience in drafting, and if required can provide legal assistance virtually also Legal fees depend on various  factors, including the amount of time spent on your problem; experience, the lawyer’s ability and reputation; the novelty and difficulty of the case; the results obtained; and costs involved.One may land into trouble in case he would not reach a proper and a decent lawyer. Litigation is just like any other battle, on which one should not compromise.


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