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How to avail the best CT scan pricing?

Computer Tomography or CT scan is a medical procedure that’s performed using x-ray devices to get a detailed image of our internal organs. They are able to reveal details of our body parts that cannot be detected by a regular x-ray machine. A CT scan performed without any contrast is called a precision x-ray, which needs examining. It allows in getting an in-depth view of any possible ailments or injuries. To get the best CT prices however, you need to adopt the help of virtual healthcare.

How is CT scan performed?

CT scans are performed to examine, locate and diagnose any tumor, cyst, internal bleeding, infection or fracture in your body. The scan is performed to study each and every part of the human body. Any abnormality within the bones and other tissues can be detected. The CT scan machine is connected to a computer. The machine emits electromagnetic beams towards the patient, which then penetrates into the human body.

An x-ray detector is present within the CT scan machine which then takes pictures of the body tissues, based on its density. The output from the CT scan machine is a detailed 2D map of the human body. Nowadays, 3D CT scanners are being used a lot. A CT scan is performed with or without a contrast. A contrast is a material that highlights a particular body part. The usage of contrast depends upon the direction of the referring doctor.

CT scan is painless and lasts for a few minutes. The scan time depends upon the affected areas that need examining. The CT scan is performed on an individual once he/she is laying down flat. A CT scan machine is a large round contraption. The patient is then moved slowly into the machine. The machine then starts the scanning process.

Your doctor decides whether contrast is required during your CT scan or not. You can always get this information clarified with your doctor. A CT scan without contrast is easily recognizable, thanks to no use of a dye. Dyes are a substance that is subjected to the patient via mouth or injected intravenously. The presence of a contrast or a dye provides a detailed picture of the area under study.

How to be ready for a CT scan?

You don’t need to be specially prepared for a CT scan, although, many times patients are worried. The steps that you need to keep in mind are:

  • No metal objects to be over your body entering the scanner
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothing, preferably a hospital gown
  • Eating before a CT scan or not must be clarified by the doctor
  • No jewelry, hearing aids, dentures, braces or hairpins are to be on you

The CT scan causes absolutely no pain, but sometimes you may be asked to hold your breath for a few seconds to get a better picture. Always remember that there is some amount of radiation that your body gets exposed to. Pregnant women in their first trimester should avoid getting a CT scan done. Children should also avoid going under the scanner.

To get the best CT prices, you should keep your doctor’s prescription and enough cash ready to utilize the help of an online diagnostics portal. You save time and get the best CT prices, all under one wholesome portal.

A virtual healthcare can reduce your CT scan pricing drastically. You save up to 65% if you submit a cash offer and bid for the type of CT scan you need. You get an imaging review, doctor’s report copy and a digital copy of the report.



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