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The Evolution of Streetwear Clothing

A type of fashion clothing that is seen to be constantly evolving with the influences of the street is referred as streetwear. Basically, the street is likely to refer to more informal clothing lines in nature, such as caps, shirts, jeans, shirts and footwear. Logos, retro styles, graphic prints and bright colors commonly appear in this style of clothing, while skateboarding and hip-hop are also seen to have a great influence on designs.

From the look, streetwear clothing continues to change and evolve, it can sometimes be very difficult to categorize and designers continue to add more unique and innovative designs to the market. The main objective of this clothing line is to offer a range of casual clothing that is comfortable and gives a great look that is different from the more available items in larger stores. In addition to the influence that comes from the hip-hop and skate culture, many of the designs are often seen to take some of their design inspiration from the era of the eighties. Many items of clothing could feature bold graphics and look for retro logos to match the classic of the eighties.

I love the feeling of stepping out every day and feel as free as a bird, which is what most people love about fashion from the streets. You get to wear anything and mix up with everyone that matters or doesn’t matter with the same wear.

I could be shaking the hands of Jay Z today’s with my jackets and sweat pants and be balling with the boys somewhere in town with the same cloths. It’s because of the street fashion sense that doesn’t distinguish or separate you from the rest.

It doesn’t matter if your sneakers are worth an S100, they don’t mean nothing when it comes to street clothing unless you are tight.

Each day various piece of street clothing and accessory keep springing up and various brands keep infiltrating the already existing market to cause a proliferation of street wears. What are the important element of streetwear clothing we should be looking at?


Every street loves their footwear, from sneakers, canvas, jogger’s; it has all been perfectly made to fit what goes above it and beyond. The color might change but the definition of what a person is wearing can be viewed to be street by just looking at the footwear.


Hoodies have the definition of street fashion for a very long time and is still is, I mean, you will hardly find any brand of streetware that doesn’t include it in it’s genre. The hood covers the backview of the person to make them look unique and different. It can also be used to drive away cold during winter.


Jackets can go with almost anything you have in mind when it comes to streetwear. Most of what we use to different between brands is the type of jackets that they produced and how it differs from the other. Nobody looks down on Jackets when talking about streetwear, it’s uniqueness can be blended to suit almost any type of contemporary wear.


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