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Enjoy Cooking With Simple Tricks And New Methods

A seasoned cook is the one who specialises in making and cooking dishes, which are not only tasty to eat but are lavishing for the eyes too. The dishes have to be presentable and then only it can be used for enhancing the cravings of the guests. Thus, it is important that while cooking one should be alert and enjoying it but also can take some recipe tips in hindi for using these hacks in their recipes to make them taste different.

Cooking is itself a hobby, which is pursued by not many women but men too. One may use any method of cooking — dry heat or wet heat cooking. The dry-heat cooking is a technique where the heat is transferred to the food item without the use of liquid. Here the food is cooked at a high temperature and results in browning of food. Whereas, the wet-heat cooking, which is also called Moist Heat cooking requires moisture that can be in any form like water, stock or steam. The food here is cooked at very low temperatures.

Using these methods in cooking gives new taste to the food with an aromatic flavour kissing the air.

Let us see some of the ways of dry heat cooking methods, which are also good for health-

  • Roasting- This is the most in-demand method of cooking which is so preferred due to the less amount of oils that are used giving more fat to the food. The roasting method involves cooking the food i.e. vegetables and meat at comparatively low temperature where they are place over the fire or the beds of coal giving unique taste to the dishes.
  • Grilling- Another method used in the dry cooking method is the grilling. In this, the food, which is to be grilled is placed on a grill rack, keeping in mind to maintain a gap between the heat source and the food. This intense heat cooks the food very quickly. The method of grilling is also referred to as healthy low fat cooking as it renders out the internal fat of the food being grilled.
  • Baking- With the use of ovens, the food items are placed in the oven at a certain maintained temperature for a particular duration. In this, the food is surrounded by both hot and dry air making it cook from within. This process cooks the food slowly but in an even manner.
  • Broiling- It is similar to the grilling technique of cooking the food but with a difference that here the food is kept below the grill to get it broil completely.

For quick and effective cooking tips used in several dishes, one may go through recipe tips hindi me on the internet and get many hacks and tricks to cook food items with great easy and quick methods too. These simple hacks can give a great relief to the cook without hampering the taste of the dish. Make cooking simpler and easy by using such tips in the normal cooking style for lavishing and mouth-watering dishes.


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