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Delicious Paneer Comes with a Lot of Goodness

Paneer or cottage cheese is a very common ingredient when it comes to Indian cooking. It is a perfect replacement for meat for those who are vegan. In fact, when it comes to Indian culinary, there are plenty of recipes that can be cooked by using paneer.

Cottage cheese is something which blends easily with each and every flavoured spices and so one can experiment a lot with this ingredient while cooking. Each and every state of India has its own way of cooking paneer and they are undoubtedly delicious. When one is looking for matar paneer recipe in Hindi, they will also get a lot of other paneer recipes in the cook book or the website. But it is also true that paneer is not only good in taste, but it is extremely healthy as well.

Here are some healthy benefits of eating paneer. If you are not an ardent lover of paneer yet, then it is high time to turn into one.

Good source of protein

This ingredient is a very good source of protein. Those who do not intake meat products, they can actually meet their regular protein intake level by eating cottage cheese. 100 grams of this has 18 grams of protein and this is really good for people who go for regular weight training and muscle building process. They also have other health benefits.

Keeps hunger pangs at bay

Paneer is a heavy food item as it is made of protein. It slowly releases the energy and so it does not give sudden or immediate boost to the blood sugar level in a human body. so it keeps one satiated for a long time after eating and thus it can easily kill the hunger pangs by keeping the stomach filled up for a long time.

Builds stronger teeth

Apart from protein, cottage cheese also has a lot of calcium. As a result, it helps in building up stronger bones and stronger teeth. It is a milk product but when it comes to nutrition it is even better than milk. So, one can stay strong by eating paneer and including it in their diet.

Helps to burn more fat

Paneer also contains a high amount of conjugated linoleic acid which helps in reducing the body weight by increasing the process of fat burning in a human body. So, those who are thinking of losing weight can actually include paneer in their regular diet. It helps in burning more calories than you think.

Prevents deadly diseases

This ingredient is very healthy as it can prevent a lot of diseases. It prevents the growth of cancer by preventing the growth of cancer causing cells in a human body. It can also lower the fat disposition in the arteries, preventing heart diseases.

When preparing paneer, one needs to use as much less oil as possible. It is even better if you can bake paneer instead of frying them in oil. Every paneer dish can be baked instead of fried and cooked.


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