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Are Bunk Beds A Wise Choice For Your Kids

Are Bunk Beds A Wise Choice For Your Kids?

It is quite a creatively demanding task for parents to build their kid’s room. A lot of thought needs to be put into the whole designing process so that you end up with a room which is comfortable, safe and fun to be in for you little one. While choosing furniture for the room bunk beds with storage is a very common option that a lot of parents gravitate towards. If you are still unable to make your decision then here are few things that will clear the air for you.

Separate Beddings

Bunk beds are especially beneficial to buy when you have two children. A bunk bed will make it possible for you to have two separate beddings, one for each kid, in the price of one. It is also easier to teach them how to make their own beds. If one of your kids is younger than the other, then, they often wet their beds which disturbs the sleep of you other child. This issue is completely avoided when they have separate beds.

Fun and Funky

Nowadays, bunk beds come in a plethora of quirky designs which are extremely appealing to the kids. They often come in fun colours which is great if you want to add some pop of colour in your kid’s room. Some even come with slides, which is like bringing the playground to your child’s bedroom. They will be overjoyed to have one for them.

Storage and Space

Kid’s rooms are generally smaller in size but kids own a lot more stuff than adults. Everything from their clothes and shoes to their toys and books need to be stored and organized properly to avoid the much dreaded clutter. Apart from cupboards, it is a smart idea to get bunk beds with storage for children where you can store their entire world properly without losing your hair. It is also a lot less space consuming as compared to two separate single beds or one queen bed. This makes it ideal for the limited space of a kid’s room.

Cost effective

A single bunk bed is a lot cheaper than buying two single beds of the same quality. Most bunk beds can be detached to form separate beds which can be an option when your kids grow up. It is a good idea to invest in a larger size bunk bed if you want it to last through your kids’ teenage.

Safety concern

Safety is the biggest issue when it comes to bunk beds especially for younger kids. A mishap might happen when they come down the ladder sleepy eyed. The kid on the top bunk can easily roll off the bed in sleep if the bed lacks railing around it. The top bunk is also dangerously close to the ceiling which makes it a dangerous idea to have ceiling fans or lights near the bed. Make sure there is enough space between the top and bottom bed or else the kid at the bottom might bump his head into the hard frame of the top half while getting up.

These were all the things that you needed to know before investing in one of these amazing beds. Make sure you invest in a quality product and you will not be disappointed.

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