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Blockchain Technology – A Passing Fad or Does it Offer Scope to Build a Lucrative Career?

Blockchain Technology – A Passing Fad or Does it Offer Scope to Build a Lucrative Career?

In the last couple of years, bitcoins and blockchain technology have become a mainstream buzzword. Along with other emerging fields like AI, VR and IoT, blockchain is one of the most exciting, career options out there.

Blockchain, the distributed ledger behind the exponentially popular Bitcoin and other digital currencies, is increasingly revolutionizing several industries like supply chains, Internet of Things (IoT), finance, banking, entertainment and many more.

From tiny startups to massive tech giants like Microsoft, IBM and several others are looking for ways to utilize the potentials of this amazing technology. Industry leaders believe that blockchain is all set to become a massive disruptor in all fields in the next few years.

Consequently, with businesses looking to customize the potentials of blockchain to optimize and expand their operations, there is an acute need for expert blockchain developers. Individuals with expertise in blockchain have an exciting career on the cards. And, what more, the icing on the cake is that a blockchain not only presents exciting challenges for developers but is also highly lucrative.

Here, in today’s article, you can find all that you need to know about starting a career in block chain. Before, you take a look at jobs available and the courses that help you build your skills in blockchain, here’s a quick intro to blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Simply phrased, blockchain is a distributed data ledger. Unlike traditional databases, that store data records in centralized servers in a particular geographical location, a blockchain stores data copies across millions of computers that are part of the network. Each computer on the network is called as a node and has a copy of the entire ledger.

A particular number of nodes authenticate a transaction before any new data is entered or modified in the ledger. Once the nodes verify the operation, the latest copy of the ledger is propagated to all nodes across the network.

What makes the Blockchain Revolutionary?

With years of research in cyber-security and cryptography, the underlying mechanism of blockchain is highly tamper-proof and reliable, making it an ideal platform to transfer and exchange sensitive information. Additionally, since the blockchain doesn’t have a single point of entry and all nodes are equal, there’s no single point of vulnerability, making the entire chain hack-proof.Blockchain puts an end to third-party verifications with the help of smart contracts. These are computer programs that run automatically after a particular transaction is completed on the network.

One can see that the potentials of blockchain opens a world of possibilities.

In the last couple of years, bitcoins and blockchain technology have become a mainstream buzzword. Along with other emerging fields like AI, VR and IoT, blockchain is one of the most exciting, career options out there.

What positions are available in the field of Blockchain Technology?

Right now, businesses all over the world have plenty of open positions for individuals with expertise in blockchain technology. Some of the few roles include:

  • Distributed ledger systems manager – to create, run and manage large distributed ledgers.
  • Blockchain developers – with engineering or software development skills, who understand the principles of blockchain systems.
  • Networking and Security engineers – to handle the networking and cryptographic aspects of the operation.
  • Micro-service Architecture experts – to develop a customized, robust system to meet individual business needs.
  • Custom Positions – Apart from the roles mentioned here, different organizations have a wide variety of custom positions in blockchain development.

What are the Qualifications Needed to become a Blockchain Developer?

The first thing a blockchain developer needs is a strong foundation in computer science. This can be either an engineering degree or a core science course. Check out the site, whataftercollege.com/ to take a detailed look at all the available paths, one can pursue in the computer science stream after completing 10+2.

Additionally, use this site to find out the courses you can study to switch to a career in the field of computer science, including blockchain technology. This should give you a starting point, from which you can further your expertise.

Experience in a back-end developer role and cryptography are essential before you can build a career in blockchain development. Once, you have mastered these core pillars; you can move on to different blockchain platforms.

In the last couple of years, bitcoins and blockchain technology have become a mainstream buzzword. Along with other emerging fields like AI, VR and IoT, blockchain is one of the most exciting, career options out there.

What are the Blockchain Platforms in Demand?

Currently, there are two leading blockchain platforms – the Bitcoin platform and Ethereum platform. Most of the blockchain applications in use are built on these platforms. Apart from these, there are several other proprietary blockchain, but as a beginner, it’s ideal to start on these two.

How to get started with Blockchain Development?

The blockchain is an infrastructure – meaning, it is the basis on which several other mobile and web applications are built on. As the technology grows in popularity, the tools and applications that use it are also increasing in number simultaneously.

Since most public blockchain are open-source, their entire source code is available for use to all. A good starting point is to familiarize yourself with GitHub. This is an online community, where blockchain developers, experts, and enthusiasts gather to discuss and share code.

What Programming Languages are used by Blockchain developers?

  • C++/C# – Since, most open-source public blockchain use this language, having a solid knowledge of C++/C# is pretty helpful.
  • Solidity – This is a language that closely resembles JavaScript and helps you understand the dynamics of the blockchain technology.
  • DApps – Known as Decentralized apps, these are applications that are built using the Ethereumblockchain.
  • JavaScript – Especially node.js as it is easy to setup and is updated with the latest technologies.

Salary Scope for Blockchain Developers

As with all emerging technologies, there is a massive demand for blockchain developers whereas the supply is low. This means businesses are willing to pay very high remunerations for blockchain experts.

Qualities that help you build a Successful Career in Blockchain Technology

Experts recommend that entrants in the field cultivate these qualities to build a successful and lucrative career.

  • Keep up with the Trends of the Industry

In such a dynamic and rapidly changing landscape, it’s essential for developers to be in charge of their own learning. If you’re looking to accelerate your career, make it a habit of staying abreast of all the changes happening in the field. Build your own network, attend industry events and stay updated to remain in demand.

  • Cultivate Agility

If you’re looking to build a career in blockchain, you have to learn the art of being adaptable and flexible. Since the platform is in its nascent stages, and not much of documentation is available on the subject, you’ve got a steep learning curve ahead of you. The adage “adapt or die” is very true in the blockchain technology.

  • Understand the Business Case

Blockchain experts believe that it’s essential for new entrants in the field to have a thorough understanding of the technology as well as individual business cases. As a blockchain expert, your primary goal is to leverage the potentials of the technology to help businesses address difficult challenges and reach new goals.

  • Above all, develop a genuine interest

As with all careers, remember the more you put in, the more you get out. If you really want to have a successful career in blockchain technology, then it’s essential to have a genuine interest and passion for the field.

The Last Word

From the Wall Street to the Entertainment industry, every sector is actively pursuing the potentials of blockchain technology. If you’ve got the passion for the technology and the wish to chart your own career, the field of blockchain development, provides you with plenty of growth opportunities.

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