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11 Ways On How To Make Yourself Throw Up

11 Ways On How To Make Yourself Throw Up

Vomiting is the fastest method for reducing the effects of drinking too much alcohol or after having a bad meal. If you feel nauseous, you need to go to the toilet for vomiting or sit in place for a few minutes in order to allow your body to automatically stimulate vomiting. If this method does not work out, the following ways on how to make yourself throw up can help you get out of the problem effectively.

11 Ways On How To Make Yourself Throw Up

Use your finger

This is the common method to make yourself throw up. You just use your finger to stimulate a gag reflex so as to induce throwing up. You make sure to wash the sand before doing this. You just simply put a finger into the mouth and then push slowly it to the back of the throat. Although many people feel this disgusting, the simple way is really effective. If the method is not successful at the first time, you should repeat this until you vomit.

Drink warm salt water

Another of common ways on how to make yourself throw up is drinking a glass of warm salt water. The home remedy is also effective for drunk because it can induce quickly vomiting. After drinking it, you have to wait for 20 minutes at least for the method to work. The sodium chloride which is excessive in the stomach will soon activate throwing up. Drinking warm salt water is a very effective tip to remove all bad contents from your stomach.

Drink Coca-Cola

One of the most common ways on how to make yourself throw up is to drink Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is often known as a method for inducing vomiting owing to its fizz. The bubbles produced in Coca-Cola can reduce an upset stomach. However, if Coca-Cola is drunk flat alternating it with water without fizz in intervals, it can discomfort your stomach and then induce throwing up.

Try Mustard Solution

Mustard is also a great homemade emetic which works really fast. You just add 1-2  tablespoons of mustard into a glass of warm water and then mix them well. You can drink it quickly or keep it in your mouth to stimulate vomiting. The mustard solution with its very unpleasant taste will make you quickly throw up. However, the method takes approximately 20 at least minutes to work.  Unless it works, you may combine the method with the use of your finger, you will surely get success.

Watch someone else vomiting

This is considered as the sensory stimulation of your body for vomiting. When watching another throwing up, you may easily get the same response. There are multiple videos of people throwing up on Youtube, you just watch them. If the method does not work out, you can combine it with putting the finger in your mouth until you vomit.

Gargle with egg white

According to many researchers, most people cannot stand the taste of raw egg white in the mouth. Therefore, egg white becomes a suitable method to make someone throw up. It is very easy for you to apply this. You just an egg white inside a cup, and then gargle the solution slowly. You put the solution in your mouth until you feel vomiting. You should repeat this until it works. Gargling with egg white has been applied to trigger vomiting as the first aid in case of poison intake.

Expose to unpleasant odor and sights

According to scientists, the human brain often reacts to unpleasant odors and sights and this reaction can cause nauseous, the first symptom of vomiting. However, if you log exposure to such uncomfortable sensory stimuli, you can vomit in the long run and your body will be weak because of dehydration.

Use a toothbrush

Use a toothbrush to stimulate gag reflex can be the fastest and simplest method on how to make yourself throw up. You just make your bristles wet and then rub it slowly and carefully on the back of the tongue until you feel nauseous. This solution can be repeated several times until you vomit. You need to use a clean brush and then replace it after everything is done.

Use Bloodroot herb

The natural solution works really effective owing to its strength. You just mix 2-3 teaspoons of bloodroot herb powder with a glass of warm water to stimulate nausea and throwing up. However, the herb has toxic in large doses which can cause tunnel vision, foot pain, as well as other fatal symptoms, so you should ask your doctor before applying the home remedy.

Spin Around

The method is quite simple to induce vomiting. What you do at this time is sitting on a bar stool. What you can do is sit on a revolving chair or a bar stool and then spin yourself slowly until you feel nauseous. The feeling is similar to motion sickness.

Think About Vomiting

In many cases, just think about vomiting can give them the feeling of nausea. If you want to throw up, you just focus yourself on terrible things you ate or saw. If this method does not work, you can combine it with the use of your brush or finger. It takes 20 minutes at least to work.

What You Need To Do After throwing up

Rinse Your Mouth

Rinse and do gargles with mouthwash or plain water right after vomiting is necessary to brush off stomach acid from the mouth and teeth. The step also protects your tooth enamel.

Sip Water

To recover your body, sipping some small water right after you stop feeling nauseous completely. If you prefer, you can also enjoy a glass of lemon water. You should not drink too much water because this makes you feel nauseous again.

Eat Bland Foods

Bland foods are suitable for your stomach at this times because they are gentle and digest easily. Therefore, after vomiting, start eating bland foods such as oatmeal, soups, banana, rice water, yogurt, or puddings.

Drink Herbal Teas

Many herbals teas are good for improving your digestion as well as protecting your digestive tract. Ginger, fennel, chamomile, artichoke, citrus fruits, and Melissa tea are excellent for reducing spasms and stopping nausea.


Throwing up makes your body weaker because it will lose nutrients and fluids. So, you need to rest to recover the body. What you need to do is staying in bed and taking some naps to allow the body to heal.

Additional Information On How To Make Yourself Throw Up

Before trying any of the above solutions, make sure that throwing up is necessary to reduce your condition. However, you should know that vomiting is not totally harmful in your certain case.

The mechanism of throwing up is necessary, however, the abuse of which can result in complications and disorders such as bulimia nervosa.

The use of your finger to stimulate vomiting is successful. However, those people with a suppressed or dormant gag reflex do not often find this method effective.

The use of warm salt water to induce vomiting can do harm to the body. Those people on a low-sodium diet or with high blood pressure should not try this method.

After you threw up, you need to wash your face and mouth. This will not only get rid of leftover (acids and alkali) and remove the terrible taste in the mouth but also help you feel better.

As much as throwing up helps you to remove harmful content from your stomach. However,  this condition can lead to an esophageal tear, aspiration, burning feeling in the mouth, throat, mouth, and tongue. Therefore, self-induced throwing up should be practiced only when it is completely needed.

In conclusion, vomiting makes you uncomfortable; however, the symptom is sometimes medically known to remove harmful things from the body. Therefore, throwing out sometimes becomes necessary to relieve the body from the nauseous feeling. The mentioned ways on how to make yourself throw up along with its side effects of throwing up can help you get out of the problem effectively as well as get a general knowledge on it.



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